omiya sushi

menuLocated right off the R train on 4th between 86th and 87th, this hole in the wall provides the essentials needed in NewYork–sushi, cheap and fast. Now you might think those terms shouldn’t go together, but believe-you-me, when we say “cheap” we really just mean permanently discounted, as their menus shows a special price of $2.50 for all regular hand and cut rolls. That’s right–ALL. From your Cucumber Roll to your Shrimp Tempura, and they even offer Judochop’s favorite: Spicy Yellowtail. And each one is only $2.50. Simply great.

buy one get on free!
Another discount is that all specialty rolls are buy one get one free. There is a wide variety of these rolls listed, and there are at least 2 new rolls a week! In fact, a new menu was introduced last spring (around fashion week, we noted) including such delicacies as the Sexy Roll and the YSL roll. But for the truly dedicated sushi lover, try out Omiya’s boat platters. Offered in a range of sizes, these massive orders can feed a whole family or just one very hungry individual. These are definitely not for the faint of heart.

The interior is minimal with the usual Japanese decor while the service is quite impressive. It’s nice to eat-in as you get greenas far as the eye can see tea for free (notice a trend yet?) and the presentation of the entrees is interior omiyalovely. The sake is served with a slice of cucumber, which makes a particularly refreshing drink. During the cold months it’s so great getting to-go. Sometimes we’ll get 10 rolls for just two of us (splurging on $2.50 rolls never hurt anyone–and this way we found out the Sandwich Roll is B.S.!!) and it literally takes them 6 minutes to bring us everything wrapped up tightly and secure for the walk home, with plenty of wasabi, ginger and soy sauce dippers.

What lacks in price certainly makes up for in taste, and we don’t know about you but that’s a fine trade for us. We could go on and on (like we do) and tell you about our experiences with this excellent establishment, but how about you tell us what you think? It’s gonna cost you at least $1–oh yeah, the final discount–for a piece of sashimi. And if you can’t afford that, then how are you online? Punk!

Omiya Sushi Restaurant
8618 4th Ave,
Brooklyn, NY
Phone: 718-748-1977


Dear Diary,

Well we certainly don’t know how to impress Brooklyn Record of the ‘Ridge’s amazingness, but it looks like the best cupcakes in the borough won’t even do it. There was a superb review today of Little Cupcake Bakeshop (actually quoted from The Brooklyn Paper) yet the Record fails to recognize the neighborhood of its residence, as well as still failing to have a quick link at the right of the page of the post itself with every other notable neighborhood–

bk record cupcake

Not that I’m saying we’re anywhere near the same status as Brownstoner, but Brooklyn Record should do their job and take note of appropriate areas (this was filed under Park_Slope), especially for such foine establishments as The Little Cupcake Bakeshop:

located on 3rd at 91st, across from Food Town, where a Lucky Charms Treat can really hit the spot, and their illy melts away any worries of drowsiness. Go Bay Ridge!

Happy VD Day.




–and our love of cupcakes.

P.S. Noticed Bay Ridge listed on the homepage, but no wheres else. Will contact eh-sap about it and get back to you.

So we’re taking a stroll down 3rd Avenue when we pass McAteer Florist…


…and we notice something moving inside the display window out of the corners of our eyes.

display window

Could it be the owner rearranging the display? The owner’s pet…dog or something? No…

turkey bird

It’s a frigging turkey! And not just one turkey but TWO TURKEYS.

Is the owner is a big turkey activist? Are the birds some kinda centerpiece for sale? The store was closed so the BRB couldn’t investigate. Or ask the turkeys how they like being stared at in a glass window all day. We forgot they were there last year too. Is this a big tradition?

In other news…
2/3 of the BRB are coffee lovers. So imagine our excitement when we discovered that a new coffee shop will be opening soon on 3rd:

Chock Full O’Nuts Cafe!


We’re looking forward to this and hoping it’s less trendy than Cafe Caffe and Starbucks, and reasonably priced.

Guess what used to be there?


The short-lived Xclusive Threadz.

The BRB could not determine at this time if their poor spelling had anything to do with their downfall. Or was Bay Ridge just not ready for missing vowels and Zs replacing Ss?

One thing’s for sure. We’re ready for a new place to get coffee and what looks like egg sandwiches!

Happy Turkey Day y’all.


 Welcome to the first installment of many of the BRB’s Restaurant Reviews. Today’s subject, one of our faves, is Taj Mahal Indian Restaurant.

Tah mahal FrontTaj Mahal has been a fixture of Bay Ridge (in our minds anyway) since September 2000, after moving from their Village home of 10 years. The atmosphere is warm and welcoming, complete with classy chandeliers.

Taj Chandeliers2