After reading about our Mayor in the Brooklyn Paper [informed by “Brooklyn Conservative” Matthew Lysiak, whose site isn’t working now??? hummm] we hurried over to Walter’s store to find out how he and his wife Helen (who had suffered a heart attack) were doing. Walter was understandably away, taking care of his wife. His grandson was taking charge of Millennium Carpet at the time.

walter in store

Now, after being away from the store for over a month, Walter is back. We talked with Walter this morning, who was happy to be back at work, and looking much thinner–“All the ladies are falling for me now that I’ve lost weight. The problem is that they’re all over 85!” His wife Helen is doing well after an eight-day stay in Intensive Care at the Lutheran Medical Center. He seemed relieved that the whole ordeal was over, but added, “The doctor said he’s done all he can do, and now it’s up to me and the man upstairs.” Guess that’s all you can do. Please send your thoughts and prayers his way.


So we’re taking a stroll down 3rd Avenue when we pass McAteer Florist…


…and we notice something moving inside the display window out of the corners of our eyes.

display window

Could it be the owner rearranging the display? The owner’s pet…dog or something? No…

turkey bird

It’s a frigging turkey! And not just one turkey but TWO TURKEYS.

Is the owner is a big turkey activist? Are the birds some kinda centerpiece for sale? The store was closed so the BRB couldn’t investigate. Or ask the turkeys how they like being stared at in a glass window all day. We forgot they were there last year too. Is this a big tradition?

In other news…
2/3 of the BRB are coffee lovers. So imagine our excitement when we discovered that a new coffee shop will be opening soon on 3rd:

Chock Full O’Nuts Cafe!


We’re looking forward to this and hoping it’s less trendy than Cafe Caffe and Starbucks, and reasonably priced.

Guess what used to be there?


The short-lived Xclusive Threadz.

The BRB could not determine at this time if their poor spelling had anything to do with their downfall. Or was Bay Ridge just not ready for missing vowels and Zs replacing Ss?

One thing’s for sure. We’re ready for a new place to get coffee and what looks like egg sandwiches!

Happy Turkey Day y’all.


Hooray! Didja hear? The Democrats have regained control of the Senate AND House for the first time in 12 years!

Democrat all the way

To celebrate, MoveOn.org is holding victory parties all over the city. And there’s a local gathering in Bay Ridge. Come meet some fellow Democrats (or non-Republicans) in our lovely but typically conservative area.

The Details:

St Germain Restaurant (French Bistro) at 8303 3rd Ave

11 Nov 08:00 PM
Host: Anna Bongiorno
Status: Public, open for RSVP
Click here to RSVP: http://pol.moveon.org/event/events/event.html?event_id=27327
Please RSVP via email prior to Saturday. Cocktails, Coffee, Dessert and Dinner are all options. Please call if you have any questions.

Thanks, Anna!

Democrats control House

Opening statements from Democrat Steve Harrison and Rep. Vito Fossella

Questions from the Audience!!

Now's time for the upheaval!--

Don't forget to VOTE November 7th (yeah..on a Tuesday AGAIN! wtf! I gotsta get my Gilmore on)

...one more...