“What a hellacious commute,” I overheard in NY.

I guess it was a bad 3-hour trip into work, but what saddens the BRBs more is the damage of our beloved neighborhood–

We hope everyone is alright and that the trees (and homes) grow back more beautiful than ever.


Web 2.0 in under 5 min. Very impactful and pertinent information. Amazing they fit it all in, unless…what is it missing?



So we’re taking a stroll down 3rd Avenue when we pass McAteer Florist…


…and we notice something moving inside the display window out of the corners of our eyes.

display window

Could it be the owner rearranging the display? The owner’s pet…dog or something? No…

turkey bird

It’s a frigging turkey! And not just one turkey but TWO TURKEYS.

Is the owner is a big turkey activist? Are the birds some kinda centerpiece for sale? The store was closed so the BRB couldn’t investigate. Or ask the turkeys how they like being stared at in a glass window all day. We forgot they were there last year too. Is this a big tradition?

In other news…
2/3 of the BRB are coffee lovers. So imagine our excitement when we discovered that a new coffee shop will be opening soon on 3rd:

Chock Full O’Nuts Cafe!


We’re looking forward to this and hoping it’s less trendy than Cafe Caffe and Starbucks, and reasonably priced.

Guess what used to be there?


The short-lived Xclusive Threadz.

The BRB could not determine at this time if their poor spelling had anything to do with their downfall. Or was Bay Ridge just not ready for missing vowels and Zs replacing Ss?

One thing’s for sure. We’re ready for a new place to get coffee and what looks like egg sandwiches!

Happy Turkey Day y’all.


Hooray! Didja hear? The Democrats have regained control of the Senate AND House for the first time in 12 years!

Democrat all the way

To celebrate, is holding victory parties all over the city. And there’s a local gathering in Bay Ridge. Come meet some fellow Democrats (or non-Republicans) in our lovely but typically conservative area.

The Details:

St Germain Restaurant (French Bistro) at 8303 3rd Ave

11 Nov 08:00 PM
Host: Anna Bongiorno
Status: Public, open for RSVP
Click here to RSVP:
Please RSVP via email prior to Saturday. Cocktails, Coffee, Dessert and Dinner are all options. Please call if you have any questions.

Thanks, Anna!

Democrats control House

It came, we saw, He conquered.

No, not the G-man–[I mean come on, the weather was AWEsome!!]–LANCE! It was his first marathon and he finished 26 seconds short of 3 hours! woohoo!!

Okay. Now that we got that over with, let’s talk about the Real Heroes. The people that have actual jobs and still manage to train for months AND get up at like 6am to run/walk a real-life, shin splitting, no time for TV, nipple bleeding?!?, all Five Boroughs marathon.

The BRB, however, are perturbed by this concept of RUNNING 26.2 miles. (more…)

We hate to quote Billy Joel here, but we have ask…

Has anyone else been woken up in the middle of the night by an INSANELY LOUD ALARM near 3rd Ave? It’s too loud for a car alarm, so we’re guessing it’s a building alarm of some sort. It is SO loud. And goes on for 4 minutes.

It all started on Saturday the 4th. Well, technically Sunday morning. After going off once around 2am, it went off every 17 minutes for 4 minutes starting at 4am…lasting until 6am!! Couldn’t figure out where it was coming from, nor did we sleep at all between 2 and 6…allowing us to memorize its routine. By the time we got downstairs once around 5:30…it had stopped.

Not knowing what to do and quite frazzled…we called 311 at around 5 to report the noise [and hey what if it was the nearby bank??], who referred us to 911–yikes. Cops were sent but didn’t get there in time to find anything…and didn’t wait long enough to hear it again and try to figure out where it was coming from.

Since early Sunday, it’s gone off once Sunday evening…then to our delight, it went off twice, at 2am and 4am last night/this morning.

Has anyone else experienced this in the area? If it happens twice in a row again [17 mins apart]…we’re goin downstairs right away to determine the source…and then call the police department directly [per the NYPD’s instructions online].

Any commiseration or other suggestions? Let’s get to the bottom of this, Bay Ridge!

Opening statements from Democrat Steve Harrison and Rep. Vito Fossella

Questions from the Audience!!

Now's time for the upheaval!--

Don't forget to VOTE November 7th (yeah..on a Tuesday AGAIN! wtf! I gotsta get my Gilmore on) more...

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