St. Patrick's Parade Sign

Yes, we all know it’s a week after St. Patrick’s Day. That’s why the organizers of the parade were so careful to edit out the word “day.” This is St. Patrick’s parade!
(Our theory: St. Patrick’s Day threatened to sue for copyright infringement.)

More Bag PipersOur first bag pipers

The bagpipes were out in full force, as was to be expected. We really enjoy hearing familiar songs on the bagpipes. It’s like a whole new song! Plus, who doesn’t love a sea of men in skirts!


 Welcome to the neighborhood.

pre chock to around_br_81.JPG

how BEE-EE-AY-YOU-tiful.

yep…stopped in there last minute and it was all brand new and shiny. The cashier was still learning the functions for orders, and the coffee guy carefully put on the top and made sure to give me a sleeve–even tho I was in an incredible rush–but I imagine they’ll learn to speed it up (at least after Monday).

*Sidenote–a medium is HUGE!

Here’s to arriving to work fully awake [and then some] and not getting any sleep.

Hooray! Didja hear? The Democrats have regained control of the Senate AND House for the first time in 12 years!

Democrat all the way

To celebrate, is holding victory parties all over the city. And there’s a local gathering in Bay Ridge. Come meet some fellow Democrats (or non-Republicans) in our lovely but typically conservative area.

The Details:

St Germain Restaurant (French Bistro) at 8303 3rd Ave

11 Nov 08:00 PM
Host: Anna Bongiorno
Status: Public, open for RSVP
Click here to RSVP:
Please RSVP via email prior to Saturday. Cocktails, Coffee, Dessert and Dinner are all options. Please call if you have any questions.

Thanks, Anna!

Democrats control House

It came, we saw, He conquered.

No, not the G-man–[I mean come on, the weather was AWEsome!!]–LANCE! It was his first marathon and he finished 26 seconds short of 3 hours! woohoo!!

Okay. Now that we got that over with, let’s talk about the Real Heroes. The people that have actual jobs and still manage to train for months AND get up at like 6am to run/walk a real-life, shin splitting, no time for TV, nipple bleeding?!?, all Five Boroughs marathon.

The BRB, however, are perturbed by this concept of RUNNING 26.2 miles. (more…)

For those who think they know how to make proper omelettes…think again!

The BRBs enjoy their sitcoms. We also enjoy eggs in their myriad forms. So we decided to combine them one fine Thursday evening. And we didn’t hold back. Oh no–we didn’t.

Lois Sanborn couldn’t fold her veggie omelette! So it became a heaping-pile-o’-vegetables-atop-some-eggs. It was very tasty despite its appearance.

Jud0ch0p! and haasome, resident omnivores, shared a huge bacon & potato [among other, less important, ingredients] omelette. Can you see the steam coming out of that thing?? We love our camera’s MACRO function.[much better than the type of macro that gives haasome a headache when writing one at work.]

Best served with McSorley’s and some NBC.

Now that you’ve gotten up close and personal with our eggs, we feel you know us a little better. We love eggs. We love monster eggs from our heads down to our legs.

(say that five times fast!! okay, stop it–you’re spitting too much,)

You thought Ragamuffin was hardXcore? Well, you must have missed the Third Avenue Festival on Sunday. Yes, to the naked eye it seems quite familiar to the sister Fifth Avenue Festival (or even the not-so-distant cousin San Gennaro) with their carnival games–

and unique cuisine

<Chocolate covered fruit


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