I knew it was only a matter of time before I figured out why. No cockroaches, no rats…but one of the guys I live with did point out that he’d walked past the waste treatment plant one day, and it happens to be about a block and a half away from where we’re living. The guys were concerned that it might smell, and expressed this to me. All I could do was laugh and tell them, “Wait until the middle of July when it’s been hot and humid and the streets piled with garbage for a day or two. You won’t even be able to notice the smell from the treatment plant because all of NYC will already smell like a giant, rotting fart.”

Speaking of farts and New York City, my younger brother came to visit me last summer and said, “You know why New York City is great?” (My god, I could only imagine…) “This place smells so bad you can fart anywhere you want to in public and nobody knows it’s you.”

Ah, boys.  He still had a really good point. One I think many people take for granted in this town.

Anyway, apparently the smell from the plant itself in the summertime is known to trigger bouts of nausia and general whiny malase, according to the article in the Bay Ridge Courier I came across today. They have plans to put lids with carbon filters on the tops of the open air waste containers  – ala a gigantic kitty litter bin. Nice idea.

In the meantime I imagine I’ll be conducting my own smell test once the weather starts co-operating and I can leave my windows open during the day (whenever that is going to finally happen). You’ll know whether or not the fumes are toxic if my roomates find me dead on the floor.


Dear Diary,

Well we certainly don’t know how to impress Brooklyn Record of the ‘Ridge’s amazingness, but it looks like the best cupcakes in the borough won’t even do it. There was a superb review today of Little Cupcake Bakeshop (actually quoted from The Brooklyn Paper) yet the Record fails to recognize the neighborhood of its residence, as well as still failing to have a quick link at the right of the page of the post itself with every other notable neighborhood–

bk record cupcake

Not that I’m saying we’re anywhere near the same status as Brownstoner, but Brooklyn Record should do their job and take note of appropriate areas (this was filed under Park_Slope), especially for such foine establishments as The Little Cupcake Bakeshop:

located on 3rd at 91st, across from Food Town, where a Lucky Charms Treat can really hit the spot, and their illy melts away any worries of drowsiness. Go Bay Ridge!

Happy VD Day.




–and our love of cupcakes.

P.S. Noticed Bay Ridge listed on the homepage, but no wheres else. Will contact eh-sap about it and get back to you.

We hate to quote Billy Joel here, but we have ask…

Has anyone else been woken up in the middle of the night by an INSANELY LOUD ALARM near 3rd Ave? It’s too loud for a car alarm, so we’re guessing it’s a building alarm of some sort. It is SO loud. And goes on for 4 minutes.

It all started on Saturday the 4th. Well, technically Sunday morning. After going off once around 2am, it went off every 17 minutes for 4 minutes starting at 4am…lasting until 6am!! Couldn’t figure out where it was coming from, nor did we sleep at all between 2 and 6…allowing us to memorize its routine. By the time we got downstairs once around 5:30…it had stopped.

Not knowing what to do and quite frazzled…we called 311 at around 5 to report the noise [and hey what if it was the nearby bank??], who referred us to 911–yikes. Cops were sent but didn’t get there in time to find anything…and didn’t wait long enough to hear it again and try to figure out where it was coming from.

Since early Sunday, it’s gone off once Sunday evening…then to our delight, it went off twice, at 2am and 4am last night/this morning.

Has anyone else experienced this in the area? If it happens twice in a row again [17 mins apart]…we’re goin downstairs right away to determine the source…and then call the police department directly [per the NYPD’s instructions online].

Any commiseration or other suggestions? Let’s get to the bottom of this, Bay Ridge!