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Lois Sanborn

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Three of a kind


We are the Bay Ridge Bitches.

Can ya dig it?


10 Responses to “About the BRBs”

  1. Kate Says:

    Greetings, BRBs! I came across your blog on this national holiday & hangover recovery day (for me anyway) while looking for info on Bay Ridge. I’m moving down there this weekend from my current home in Greenpoint which has become overpriced and over-run with trust fund east village run off who seem to have everything one could ever want…except for basic manners.

    I digress.

    More importantly, I ended up finding an apartment in Bay Ridge (on Ridge blvd. between 66th & 67th) for myself and my three guy friends (all single, mind you) who are moving in from our hometown in PA. In our search for a place big enough for all of us I ended up down in BR and absolutely FELL IN LOVE.

    So finding your blog has already further solidified in my mind that Bay Ridge and I were a match made in heaven.

    Maybe our paths will cross sometime!



  2. jud0ch0p Says:

    Congratulations on the move, Kate!

    How are you enjoying the area thus far? You’re not too far from the BR’s best dunkin donuts (by now you know we’re obsessed with coffee places) or the lovely library. We also love Anopoli’s at 3rd and 70th, but mostly for the delish floats, of course Hinsch’s on 5th and 86th is great too.

    Let us know if you stumble on something awesome over in your neck of the woods, as we mostly make it South and East-ish. Unless it’s summertime, and then there’s soccering/picnics at the Shore Rd. park or even a matinée at our only theater on 68th and 5th…

    Anyhoo–good luck and keep on bitchin~

  3. Lois Sanborn Says:

    Congrats from me too, Kate!

    A postscript about the library: you can use their internet until you get your own set up in your new apartment. We also use it to get free movies (much better than blockbuster), and books, of course.

    Hope to see you around,

  4. haasome Says:

    Woot, welcome to the neighborhood. I hear you on Greenpoint (they ran out of room in Williamsburg most likely). Hope you’re enjoying settling into BR. I’ve lived here the longest of the Bitches, and plan to renew my lease very soon! Yay for getting my lease renewal in the mail today…this is my second apartment in the neighborhood, third year! Thanks for reading.

    Representing the apparently growing 20something population in the area,

  5. Kate Says:

    Thanks, ladies! I am just now finally getting settled and still loving it. I finally made it over to Century 21 the other day for some bath mats and other house-related crap. I managed to walk away with only one pair of pants, a shirt and a jacket, which was an amazing display of self control (I’d never been to a Century 21 before, but had been told I should go).

    I will totally let you know if I find anything really good. So far the only place I’ve spent a lot of time is at the Three Jolly Pigeons pub (corner of 68th & 3rd) where the crowd is older and super-friendly, the drinks poured heavy-handed and the younger bartenders extremely excited to see a new, young (and female!) face around the place.

    I am a big bike rider so when it starts to get a little warmer out you can believe I’ll be riding all over the place exploring everything. I’ll let you know if I come across awesomeness.

    – Kate

  6. Charlie Says:

    Found you guys on outside.in

    No sleep til Bay Ridge!

  7. bayridgeblog Says:

    Haha–Thanks for stopping by Charlie.
    cold kickin’ it live indeed

  8. r. Says:


    I recently moved here from NJ. I am looking for things to do around where I live (93rd & Marine) after work and during the weekend. It is very quite here but a bit boring so far.

    I would appreciate if you could let me know where is the promenade bicycle path, how to get there from where I live? any comments on weekend activities would be highly appreciated as well.


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