St. Patrick's Parade Sign

Yes, we all know it’s a week after St. Patrick’s Day. That’s why the organizers of the parade were so careful to edit out the word “day.” This is St. Patrick’s parade!
(Our theory: St. Patrick’s Day threatened to sue for copyright infringement.)

More Bag PipersOur first bag pipers

The bagpipes were out in full force, as was to be expected. We really enjoy hearing familiar songs on the bagpipes. It’s like a whole new song! Plus, who doesn’t love a sea of men in skirts!


It was a great day for a parade too. Not too hot, not too cold. People were out in their Aran sweaters…


A ways away

… and lots of people were enjoying a good pint.

peggy o'neils

It was a bit crowded, but not too bad.

Irish Pride

Of course, some people weren’t as impressed with the parade as we were–


An opportunity for capitalism and seeing what’s up with high school boys these days

Pretzels!Band Leader

hehe.. anyone know the school? just asking…..

The BRB’s personal highlights:

dressing up dogs

When the pups come out to pride
Dog Spirit CU

Irish lowriders and portable xylophones!

Low RidingVery Entertaining

After the parade, the street cleaners came so quickly, the drunks were still outside!

Canteena Street Cleaning

Go back in there and get yer margarita on!