I’ll keep this short and sweet to spare you all the late-night boring details but I’m little miss KustomKitten, the newest addition to the blogging bunch of Bay Ridge Bitches, and delighted to be so! I moved to the Ridge a mere month ago and have fallen head over heels in love, hence the invitation to share my amorous local feelings with all of you!

I promise [raising right hand] that all of my future blogs will be at least 1.5 times more entertaining than this one.

Apparently, the rest of the broad-brood here roost in the more southern part of the Ridge, from what I’ve learned from previous conversation, anyway. My little hen-house is all the way up here in the mid 60’s off 3rd Ave., and so I will have to try my darndest to find the best of the best up here by my nest.

Wow, the fowl-based-analogies totally have to stop here. I’m getting embarrassed for myself.

The amazine Shore Promenade biking/walk path

(That’s a picture from the Shore Promenade bike/walk path down along the river. It begins about two blocks away from me. It’s great to live so close to this because I’m a long-time bicycle commuter – not to Manhattan anymore though, obviously – and my bike is like my really awesome second set of legs.)

Anywho, I’ll leave you with the first of many places I am already addicted to here in my neck-‘o-the woods: The Family Store (6905 3rd Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11209 – for all you Google mappers). It’s this great little place that has home-made Mediterranean cuisine of all kinds and lots of nuts, grains, dried fruits and spices in bulk. They have killer home-made yogurt as well, which is far better for you than anything you can buy at the regular – boring – grocery store. They don’t currently have any kind of website that I could hunt down, but if you want more info just give them a call: (718) 748-0207. Everyone there was super friendly to me!

PS – I’m also somewhat of a nutrition nut.

Alright, that’s enough of nothingness for now. I was going to rave about my favorite organic food store on 3rd Ave. called the Apple Tree (somewhere around 82nd or 83rd street, I believe), but I’ll save that for another time. Here’s a tidbit, though: they are, so far, the only place I can find that sells pre-made Seitan. And if you don’t know what that is, who cares, you should still shop for your groceries at the Apple Tree anyway. If you don’t and they go out of business, I blame all of you for my inevitable depression.