After reading about our Mayor in the Brooklyn Paper [informed by “Brooklyn Conservative” Matthew Lysiak, whose site isn’t working now??? hummm] we hurried over to Walter’s store to find out how he and his wife Helen (who had suffered a heart attack) were doing. Walter was understandably away, taking care of his wife. His grandson was taking charge of Millennium Carpet at the time.

walter in store

Now, after being away from the store for over a month, Walter is back. We talked with Walter this morning, who was happy to be back at work, and looking much thinner–“All the ladies are falling for me now that I’ve lost weight. The problem is that they’re all over 85!” His wife Helen is doing well after an eight-day stay in Intensive Care at the Lutheran Medical Center. He seemed relieved that the whole ordeal was over, but added, “The doctor said he’s done all he can do, and now it’s up to me and the man upstairs.” Guess that’s all you can do. Please send your thoughts and prayers his way.