For those who think they know how to make proper omelettes…think again!

The BRBs enjoy their sitcoms. We also enjoy eggs in their myriad forms. So we decided to combine them one fine Thursday evening. And we didn’t hold back. Oh no–we didn’t.

Lois Sanborn couldn’t fold her veggie omelette! So it became a heaping-pile-o’-vegetables-atop-some-eggs. It was very tasty despite its appearance.

Jud0ch0p! and haasome, resident omnivores, shared a huge bacon & potato [among other, less important, ingredients] omelette. Can you see the steam coming out of that thing?? We love our camera’s MACRO function.[much better than the type of macro that gives haasome a headache when writing one at work.]

Best served with McSorley’s and some NBC.

Now that you’ve gotten up close and personal with our eggs, we feel you know us a little better. We love eggs. We love monster eggs from our heads down to our legs.