Don’t hold back, CNN:
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Breaking news in Manhattan: Earlier this afternoon, a small plane crashed into a residential building at 524 E. 72nd Street, right near the East River. The story’s still developing, but most authorities are saying it was not an act of terrorism. However, NORAD has scrambled to put fighter aircraft over several major U.S. cities as a precautionary measure.

At least three apartments were up in flames, with at least 150 firefighters on the scene:

NY Times image of the fire a ltitle while ago

Current pictures on the NYT website show the fire’s out.


But unfortunately, two deaths have been confirmed. The FAA’s been repeatedly quoted to say that the plane was a “general aviation fixed wing” aircraft. Witnesses have also described the plane to have fallen steeply, with one witness suggesting it may be part of debris on the ground. Investigation is just barely underway, so we’ll be sure to update this post when more information is released. A fuel problem is possible, learned from an emergency call made from the plane.

Buses are expected to be rerouted, but the subways look okay.

UPDATE: Cory Lidle, New York Yankee pitcher, was most likely killed in the crash. The plane was registered under his name, and his passport and other identification were reportedly found on the ground at the site. Us Yankee fans here at the BRB are deeply saddened by the loss.

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