Welcome to the first installment of many of the BRB’s Restaurant Reviews. Today’s subject, one of our faves, is Taj Mahal Indian Restaurant.

Tah mahal FrontTaj Mahal has been a fixture of Bay Ridge (in our minds anyway) since September 2000, after moving from their Village home of 10 years. The atmosphere is warm and welcoming, complete with classy chandeliers.

Taj Chandeliers2

In Kramer fashion, haasome decided to partake in the mulligatawny soup, which was nice and creamy, and the celery was so finely chopped that we couldn’t figure what it was (but in a good way). Usually we’ll order their excellent vegetable samosa (the meat ones are not nearly as good), but on our latest visit, we decided to mix things up and order the chana bhaji, a mildly curried chick pea dish, served with puffy bread. YUM!

puffy bread

For entrees, haasome decided to stick with her old favorite: chicken tikka makhni. It has a creamy tomato sauce flavored with coconut and almonds. We suggest this dish for those new to Indian cuisine because it’s not too spicy, and the tomato sauce might trick you into thinking you’re eating Italian (okay, not really).

Judochop! ordered the chicken matar for the first time. The promised tomatoes were unfortunately lacking, but the peas were plentiful. It had a thick sauce with a nice bite. Judochop!’s favorite dish is the chicken shahi kurma, which boasts a delicious, almondy, fruity cream sauce.

Lois Sanborn had the vegetable karahi. The menu says it is “served sizzling, ask waiter for explanation.” Who can resist a mystery like that? The vegetables were nice and tender, and the sauce was pleasantly sweet.

Our nan must have come straight from the oven, because it was super fluffy and piping hot! The garlic nan is also an option, but you might find it a little too much, if you’re not raving garlic fans like we are. (Be sure to partake of the fennel seeds at the exit if you do order it.)

Dessert was a delightful slew of emotional ups and downs (are you hooked? okay…. let’s continue). The kulfi‘s a simple pistachio ice cream that might be a good choice for the picky eater. A small warning though, this is a harder ice cream, not the creamy treat Americans have grown to love. We were a little dissapointed in the gulabjaman, fried cottage cheese balls in syrup. With a description like that, who wouldn’t be intrigued? But we were turned off by its super sweetness! Surprisingly, the gulabjaman tasted excellent when paired with the firni, a custard which is reminescent of rice pudding.

Taj Desserts
**Here’s a little tip: The take out is a really great deal. You get larger portions AND a huge dish of rice per entree. Sadly, the nan loses some of its deliciousness. They also deliver quite speedily. So what are you waiting for? Call Taj Mahal at 718-836-1512, or visit at 7315 3rd Avenue. Tell them the BRBs sent you.They won’t know who we are, but we’ll feel special.

taj mahal menu

BRB Rating: 4 out of 5 samosa


The food is excellent, but the service is a little slow.