omiya sushi

menuLocated right off the R train on 4th between 86th and 87th, this hole in the wall provides the essentials needed in NewYork–sushi, cheap and fast. Now you might think those terms shouldn’t go together, but believe-you-me, when we say “cheap” we really just mean permanently discounted, as their menus shows a special price of $2.50 for all regular hand and cut rolls. That’s right–ALL. From your Cucumber Roll to your Shrimp Tempura, and they even offer Judochop’s favorite: Spicy Yellowtail. And each one is only $2.50. Simply great.

buy one get on free!
Another discount is that all specialty rolls are buy one get one free. There is a wide variety of these rolls listed, and there are at least 2 new rolls a week! In fact, a new menu was introduced last spring (around fashion week, we noted) including such delicacies as the Sexy Roll and the YSL roll. But for the truly dedicated sushi lover, try out Omiya’s boat platters. Offered in a range of sizes, these massive orders can feed a whole family or just one very hungry individual. These are definitely not for the faint of heart.

The interior is minimal with the usual Japanese decor while the service is quite impressive. It’s nice to eat-in as you get greenas far as the eye can see tea for free (notice a trend yet?) and the presentation of the entrees is interior omiyalovely. The sake is served with a slice of cucumber, which makes a particularly refreshing drink. During the cold months it’s so great getting to-go. Sometimes we’ll get 10 rolls for just two of us (splurging on $2.50 rolls never hurt anyone–and this way we found out the Sandwich Roll is B.S.!!) and it literally takes them 6 minutes to bring us everything wrapped up tightly and secure for the walk home, with plenty of wasabi, ginger and soy sauce dippers.

What lacks in price certainly makes up for in taste, and we don’t know about you but that’s a fine trade for us. We could go on and on (like we do) and tell you about our experiences with this excellent establishment, but how about you tell us what you think? It’s gonna cost you at least $1–oh yeah, the final discount–for a piece of sashimi. And if you can’t afford that, then how are you online? Punk!

Omiya Sushi Restaurant
8618 4th Ave,
Brooklyn, NY
Phone: 718-748-1977


“What a hellacious commute,” I overheard in NY.

I guess it was a bad 3-hour trip into work, but what saddens the BRBs more is the damage of our beloved neighborhood–

We hope everyone is alright and that the trees (and homes) grow back more beautiful than ever.

AMNY –City Living: Bay Ridge. A reason to visit on the weekends or stay permanently.

from the S53 However, our wonderful neighborhood wasn’t always subject to thumbs-uppiness as seen in this NYTimes article [from July 26, 1987 mind you] titled–If You’re Thinking of Living in Bay Ridge.

The Times answer? Don’t.

What are your experiences (i.e. plus/minuses) that might be useful for these journalists?

After receiving an ice cream maker for wedding present, most people would decide to take that friend off their top 12. Not Scott and Kim Myles. These two have turned lemons into, well, you knew that joke was coming.

Now here’s the part YOU’ll care about– BAY RIDGE ICE CREAM.

Actually the Myles’ brand 5 Boroughs Ice Cream, claiming “One city, a world of flavors,” definitely has a plethora of them: Rich White Vanilla, Mangodesh, NYPB, Amaretto Amore, Bakla-Wha?!, Cha Cha Chocolate, Landfill, and SoHo. Most can guess which tastes are of which neighborhoods (I’m still cracking up at Astoria’s flavor, where the creators reside) but I never expected to stumble upon our humble neck of the woods with Amaretto. What do you think?

5 Boroughs Ice Cream--Amaretto Amore!!

xox, jud0ch0p

Thanks Gothamist for being the god of NYC information yet again. Great interview!

toothpaste for dinner

I don’t wanna!! YOU DO IT…

Eating Crocus

It’s that time of year again…when the weather jerks us around like a 5-year-old boy with severe ADD, or something day-time hooker something something (apologies. “Earl” was too good last night.)

But it’s amazing how every once in a while nature starts up without notice and it’s such a lovely surprise that we can’t stop recording it digitally. Check out the PIX page for more

or our flickr–>flickr_icon


I knew it was only a matter of time before I figured out why. No cockroaches, no rats…but one of the guys I live with did point out that he’d walked past the waste treatment plant one day, and it happens to be about a block and a half away from where we’re living. The guys were concerned that it might smell, and expressed this to me. All I could do was laugh and tell them, “Wait until the middle of July when it’s been hot and humid and the streets piled with garbage for a day or two. You won’t even be able to notice the smell from the treatment plant because all of NYC will already smell like a giant, rotting fart.”

Speaking of farts and New York City, my younger brother came to visit me last summer and said, “You know why New York City is great?” (My god, I could only imagine…) “This place smells so bad you can fart anywhere you want to in public and nobody knows it’s you.”

Ah, boys.  He still had a really good point. One I think many people take for granted in this town.

Anyway, apparently the smell from the plant itself in the summertime is known to trigger bouts of nausia and general whiny malase, according to the article in the Bay Ridge Courier I came across today. They have plans to put lids with carbon filters on the tops of the open air waste containers  – ala a gigantic kitty litter bin. Nice idea.

In the meantime I imagine I’ll be conducting my own smell test once the weather starts co-operating and I can leave my windows open during the day (whenever that is going to finally happen). You’ll know whether or not the fumes are toxic if my roomates find me dead on the floor.